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I took a brush for the first time in 2017. Having a Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting

I decided to change my life one year later from being a translator to self taught full time artist.

I've exhibited in Stockholm, Barcelona, Ibiza and Madrid and I've worked as illustrator for Vogue, AD, Harpers Bazaar among other clients. I am from Spain and I live between Barcelona and Stockholm


- 2023 "ETHICS & AESTHETICS" Solo Exhibition at NK -- Stockholm

- 2023 "PICASSO'S WOMEN" Solo Digital Exhibition for Vogue

- 2022 "CULTURE EXPLOSION" Solo Exhibition at Misshumasshu -- Stockholm

- 2020 "WOMAN IS ART" Group exhibition at Miss Clara -- Stockholm

- 2020 "WOMAN IS ART" Group Exhibition at Melia – Madrid 

- 2019 "SPANISH VISION" Solo Exhibition at Alma club – Stockholm

- 2019 “HIDDEN TALENTS” Group Exhibition at AAF – Stockholm 

- 2019 "HIMNO A LO EXÓTICO" Solo Exhibition at Hotel Emperador – Madrid 

- 2019 "ART IN WOMEN" Solo Exhibition at Soho House – Barcelona 

- 2019 "I'M FEELING SO EXOTIC" Solo Exhibition at Paradiso -- Ibiza 

- 2018 "FLOWER POWER" Solo Exhibition at Studio Rei Gallery – Stockholm 

- 2018 "PRIMARY COLOURS" Solo Exhibition at Taverna Brillo – Stockholm 

- 2018 "FLOWER POWER" Solo Exhibition at Jung Relations – Stockholm 

- 2018 "EXOTIC ANTHEM" Solo Exhibition at Cage Gallery – Barcelona



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